Upsell and upgrade existing customers with personalization

Increase your average CLV (customer lifetime value) with these personalizations.

When do you need this?

If you are a SaaS company with multiple offerings or a tiered pricing model, this recipe can be very helpful to create additional value from customers. Let’s say your software startup offers a free plan, a lower and mid-tier paid plan, and an enterprise-grade plan. You can use this recipe to upgrade free users to one of your paid offerings, or upsell paying customers to the next tier. Here’s how this works in practice.


You can create separate audiences for your users who are in a free plan as well as for each one of your paid tiers. It is possible to add custom traits within Unless using our API or to pass account information via the parameters attached to your email campaigns. This means you can leverage your current account and lead data, such as:

  • Account name
  • Current plan
  • Funnel status
  • Renewal date

What to personalize?

Calls to action above the fold

Before or after your customers log in, you can use components (a pop-up or bar, for example) to highlight features that would make an upgrade compelling. “Psst...did you hear about our new embeddable widgets? Upgrade to our Starter plan today to embed your surveys on your website or blog.” Got a special upsell promotion going on? Highlight that deal instead. “Upgrade to our PRO plan today and get 20% OFF in the first year.”

Personalized CTAs

Many B2B companies that use personalization tend to remove the “request a demo” button on their website for their existing customers. This type of personalization helps to filter out the noise, but instead of removing the button altogether, you can customize the call to action to drive upsell opportunities. For instance, you can customize the button text for existing customers to say “Upgrade Today.”

Persuasive headlines

Your headline is the first thing visitors see when they land on your homepage. Use this valuable real estate to pitch your upsell or upgrade proposition to customers. Leverage the subhead to support your claim:

Same platform you know and love. Twice the automation power. Uncover 20+ automations with our paid plan

Your favorite marketing automation tool just got smarter. Browse new features on our PRO plan.

Custom demo pages

Another alternative is using your “book a demo” page to offer demos of your paid packages to existing customers. For example, customers on your mid-tier plan can see: “Don’t miss out on these new features! Find out why 80% of our customers upgrade to our enterprise plan within a year.” While customers on your free plan can get targeted with: “Ready to become an email marketing ninja? Upgrade to our Starter plan and get 2x more automation power and email credits.”


The company below sells design software and has a tiered pricing model. When existing users visit their website, they see a subtle pop-up at the bottom of the page suggesting they upgrade to a paid plan, with a discount attached. Users on paid plans, on the other hand, see a personalized headline highlighting the benefits of a higher plan.

control image
The original homepage of DesignR

See it on your website

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