Highlight webinars and support docs for existing customers

Your existing clients have needs too. Keep them up to date with webinars and support docs.

When do you need this?

You know the adage, content is king. And the great thing about content is that it’s not only helpful to attract new leads, it’s also handy to keep your customers engaged. If you create content that’s specifically for customers, like product webinars and support docs, personalization can help you highlight them on your website so your customers stay active.


Your existing customers probably don’t need to see a homepage that is super sales-heavy. They already are a customer after all! But you can still show them content and relevant information that will keep them interested and engaged. A recent customer is more likely to be interested in how-to guides while a long-term customer might want to hear about product updates.

You can add custom traits within Unless using our API or pass account information via the parameters attached to your campaigns. This means you can leverage your current account and lead data, such as:

  • Account name
  • Current plan
  • Funnel status
  • Renewal date

What to personalize?

Think of the online tools you use on a regular basis. How closely do you look at the content on their website? Most of the time, you probably just go straight to the login page. Chances are, your customers do that too. To get their attention, you can use Unless Smart Add-ons.

An effective way to trigger your audience

Smart add-ons are overlays, side boxes and bars you can use to highlight a bit of content or draw the visitor’s eye to a specific call to action. Think of bars that promote a new blog, pop-ups that drive visitors to sign up for a webinar, or side boxes that point your customers to a relevant support article.

They work exactly the same as any personalization, but are even simpler to set up. Just choose the add-on that you like, select the right audience and start tweaking the copy and design to match your branding.


In the example below, you see how Billable is highlighting an upcoming webinar to their users in two different ways: inline and via an Unless add-on, using a bar at the top of the page.

There isn’t a single right way to do personalization and which method works better will depend on the behavior of your users. So you can test different approaches, create an overlay or a side-box and see which one performs best.

control image
The original homepage of Billable

See it on your website

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