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Learn how to segment your visitors, create your first personalization and analyze your results.


Learn how to group your visitors into audiences, also known as segments. See examples of how to optimize site experience for your audiences.


Learn how to personalize and contextualize the content on your website, using the inline editor.


Learn how to set up goals, track your results and analyze your personalizations.


Read about the technical set-up of Unless, from the script snippet to the serverless platform itself.

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Why don’t websites speak?

August 13, 2018

In the future, everyone who has an online story to tell will be able to to tune their message to their audience.

Disappointed by A/B testing? Time to check out website personalization

July 03, 2018

We take a look at why A/B testing hasn't lived up to its promises for many. Here is an alternative to A/B testing: personalization.

Personalization, privacy and the European GDPR law

June 26, 2018

The impact of the strict EU privacy laws ("GDPR") on personalization - and "profiling" in particular.