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Get started with the browser assistant

Find out how you can install, authorize, configure and use the browser assistant in just a few steps.

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Your Unless AI can be used in a number of ways and places whether it be on your website aimed at visitors, in your product to help guide users, or in your ticketing system to assist your customer support team.

Additionally, you can have quick access to this AI you've trained, at all times, by installing the Unless browser assistant. That way the AI will only be a click away, ready to help with any questions.

Unless browser assistant tab

Installing the extension

While at the browser assistant tab of your Unless account, you can simply click Install extension which will take you to the Chrome store where you can click Add to Chrome.

Tip: Pinning the extension to always be in view will make it quicker to access whenever you need.

Add the browser assistant extension to Chrome

Authorizing the browser extension

Once you've added the extension to your browser and clicked to view it, you will see it open as a side-bar and it will ask that you Authorize it. This will bring you to the Unless dashboard where you can give the extension permission to access your environments.

Note: Authorizing the extension requires the user to have an Unless account. You can add your team members via the Team section, with the Browser assistant only user role.

Authorize the browser assistant extension

Configuring the extension with your platform

In order to use the browser assistant to answer support tickets, you will have to configure it with your platform of choice. Currently Hubspot and Zendesk are listed as platform options but you can contact our team to request a connection to a different ticket system as well.

Unless browser assistant platforms tab

Once you click, you will see a pop-up appear where you can navigate to the second tab (Hubspot pipelines or Zendesk brands) where you can configure which pipelines/brands are connected to which environments and (optionally) segments.

This way the browser assistant can detect which of the pipelines/brands attached to your Hubspot/Zendesk account you're currently viewing and it will automatically switch environments accordingly. You can then click save, enable and are ready to go!

Browser assistant extension platform configuration

Ready to use

You can then head over to your ticketing software, open up a ticket, and click on the Unless browser assistant. The tickets will get detected automatically and a response will be generated by the AI. The conversation name will update to the ticket ID.

Ps. If there is a segment defined on the panel on the left, the AI will pick up on that as well and respond accordingly.

You are now ready to use the Unless browser assistant within your ticketing software of choice!

Unless browser assistant auto-responding to a ticket in Hubspot

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