Live traffic analysis

Our live traffic feed will show each individual visitor of your website. You can not only see their behavior and professional background, but also track their attention span, engagement and stickiness scores.

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Classify your visitors into audiences

Create categories of website visitors based on your marketing personas, so you can address them specifically. You can use many conditions, like the weather situation, their professional industry, and even predictions based on machine learning.

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Your website visitors will join this audience if:Build audienceAdd new “OR” ruleANDSaveCancel+xEqualsFashionIndustry nicheProfileEngagementLead scoreAttention spanBehaviorContextPredictions+ AND

Personalize the user experience

For each audience, optimize the user experience using our visual design editor. Adjust content and call-to-actions, or swap out images. Delete, add, or move page elements and use JavaScript or CSS to make even more sophisticated changes.

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Personalize for a specific industry audience.

Add-on library

Alternatively, you can fire personalized add-ons at specific audiences. You may think of pop-overs, bars and side boxes. They even come with built-in features like email capturing or self-segmentation, and can be styled according to your website.

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Using our integrations, you can aggregate your existing data under a unified customer identity, and export insights to connected systems.

For example, you can use our GTM Monitor to use all your Google Tag Manager events as segmentation options, of you can tell your CRM system about each identified hot lead using Zapier.

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Test, analyze and optimize

For each audience and across the entire funnel, performance is tested against a control group and significance is calculated. You can do the same for specific personalized elements, obliterating the need for expensive A/B test tools.

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Audience Fashion IndustryUptake 21.7% significance 99.96%ParticipantsAll membersControl groupMembersConvertedConversion rate30082508.3%11092112210.1%1410013729.7%NextCancelParticants without conversionConverted participantsControl group without conversionConverted control groupConversionRevenueLeads

Frequently asked questions

Unless is the fastest personalization service in the world. We are proud to tell you that using Unless does not delay your website.

As a European service provider, Unless is compliant with the European Union privacy laws, also known as GDPR.

No, you don't need to be a technical person to use Unless. Without code, you can optimize the user experience of your visitors and leads, using only the visual design editor and personalized add-ons. No need to call your developers.

Unless is not an A/B Testing tool per se. However, you can easily see how you are doing. We use control groups to measure the effect of your personalizations with respect to the goals that you have set. The results are shown in your dashboard.

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