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Cohesion and trust

Our culture is rooted in transparency, so we are open with each other - with a strong bond as a result.

Who we are

  • We are small and we like it that way.
  • We choose to do one thing and do it right.
  • We apply Occam’s Razor in all our solutions.
  • We do something because it makes sense.
  • We treat others like we want them to treat us.

If all else fails, we flip a coin.

  • photo sander nagtegaal

    Sander Nagtegaal

    Co-Founder / CEO

    Sander is co-founder and CEO at Unless. Previously, he was CTO at myTomorrows, co-founder and CTO of Peecho (acquired), CTO at Sumis (acquired) and Chief Architect at Albumprinter (acquired).

    He lives in the city center of Amsterdam, teaches a weekly kung fu class and is a competitive obstacle racer.

  • photo marcel panse

    Marcel Panse

    Co-Founder / CTO

    As a CTO and co-founder, Marcel leverages his experience as Chief Architect at Peecho and several other start-ups, like Albumprinter and myTomorrows.

    When he doesn't try to solve complex problems with elegant solutions, he loves to climb rocks or spend time with his family.

  • photo ecesu erol

    Ecesu Erol


    As a CXO, Ecesu works at the intersection of marketing, sales, and product. She’s all about helping businesses deliver exceptional product experiences that delight their customers. She is passionate about diversity in tech and loves to spend time with a book and a cup of coffee.

  • photo alexandre moreau-lemay

    Alexandre Moreau-Lemay

    Lead AI Engineer

    Alexandre is a software developer with a passion for creating innovative solutions and delivering quality software. Based in Arnhem, a city close to the stunning Veluwe nature reserve, he is inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds him and takes every opportunity to explore the outdoors.

    When he's not busy developing software, Alexandre enjoys landscape photography, hiking, and traveling.

  • photo martijn groot

    Martijn Groot

    Chief revenue officer

    Chief Revenue Officer at Unless. Previously involved in accelerating Tele2, Metro, Albelli, Peecho and Recharge.

    A passionate, energetic, result-driven entrepreneur. An engaged team-player that helps companies accelerate.

  • photo gray lewis

    Gray Lewis

    Software developer

    Gray is a full stack software engineer with a passion for building highly performant applications that feel great to use. He’s had a lifelong love of coding and has a long history working at startups.

    He was born in Pennsylvania but spent most of his childhood living in Cairo, Egypt. His hatred for car-centric city planning brought him to the Netherlands for university and he’s been living in Rotterdam ever since. Outside of software, Gray spends most of his time bouldering and making music.