Get more customers to attend your events with personalization

Use location-based personalizations to get more of your customers to attend your events.

When do you need this?

Do you organize local, in-person events? Personalization can be a powerful tool to promote these to your customer base, especially if you use location targeting conditions. Let’s explore how this works.

Tip: If you host webinars and other online events you can leverage personalization to promote these events to specific audience groups as well.


Do you send email newsletters to your customers? The UTM parameters you attach to those emails are one way to track which of your website visitors are existing customers. Do you have a log-in option on your website? That is another way to recognize who is a customer.

Additionally, Unless allows you to pass account information and add custom traits by using the Unless API. This allows you to get more specific about your customers, including details such as the plan they are currently subscribed to or their latest purchase.

Once you have identified the customer segment that may be interested in this event, you can further narrow down your focus by using location information. For example, if you have a one-day conference in London, you can show the personalization to visitors from London and surrounding cities.

What to personalize?

Events are fun, but they are resource-intensive and costly to organize. You probably want to make sure customers hear about them.

Promote your events in the headline

Your website’s headline is a good venue to spread the word. You can make the headline impactful by personalizing per region. For example, if you have an event in Amsterdam coming up, customers based in the city can see: “Our yearly Summit in Amsterdam is coming up in April! Get an early bird ticket and save €300.” While customers located in other European countries are targeted with: “Amsterdam is beautiful in the Spring! Join our Summit in April. Early bird tickets save you €300.”

Another option is to offer discounts to specific customer groups, for example your advocates or highest-paying customers. Think of: “Special offer for you {customer name}! Attend our Summit in Amsterdam for free if you sign up before {date}.”

You can also personalize your headline for previous attendees: “Had fun at our Summit last year? Join us in April. Early bird tickets start at €100.”

Add relevance in the subhead

Use the subhead to add extra relevance to your event promo. For instance, if your customer groups have different profiles (say marketers and IT buyers), mention why the event is relevant to them. Think of: “Join 100+ marketers and discuss the future of advertising” or “Learn from 50+ peers how your marketing tech stack can improve today.” Alternatively, if you’re trying to reach customers who have never attended the event before, you can use the subhead to highlight what previous attendees loved about it: “The industry’s favorite event to connect with peers and learn about the latest trends in marketing.”

Personalize image content

You can also personalize images to make the event more enticing for different audience groups. For instance, people from other countries can be shown beautiful photos of the city while locals can be shown photos of the venue. Another option would be personalized images for customers who have previously attended your events vs those that haven’t.

Use pop-ups and bars

Unless Smart add-ons, like pop-ups and bars, are also super handy for event promotion. These can include functionalities such as countdowns or email collectors. Think of: “{dynamic number} days left to claim your €300 early bird discount. Join us at our Summit! Sign up here.”


This billing and revenue management software uses Unless to promote its yearly Summit in Amsterdam to customers. The events are targeted at large enterprises that want to share learnings on sustainable growth as well as billing and revenue best practices. They personalize their headline depending on the customer’s location and industry.

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