Nudge customers with personalized offers to renew or upgrade

Personalize the messaging on your website to encourage your customers to renew their plans.

When do you need this?

You’ve probably heard the stats. Selling to existing customers is successful 60-70% of the time. By contrast, new customers only convert with a success rate of 5-20%. If renewals are part of your business development strategy, personalization can be very helpful to make your offers appealing to existing customers. Combine personalized landing pages with personalized emails and you’ll mesmerize them.


When personalizing your website, it is a good idea to separate potential leads from existing customers. However, you should also keep in mind that not all your customers are at the same stage. You may want to provide more guidance and direction to a new customer while for an older customer its more important to highlight account renewal and upgrade options.

Unless allows you to pass account information via the parameters attached to your email campaigns or add custom traits within Unless using our API. This means you can leverage your current account and lead data, such as:

  • Account name
  • Current plan
  • Funnel status
  • Renewal date

What to personalize?

Action-driven headlines

Make your headline compelling by displaying an exclusive or time-sensitive renewal offer. Use the account name in the text. For example, "Just for Coca-Cola: 5 users for free if you renew before January 1, 2020" or "Early bird offer: 10% discount on your annual plan if you renew before December 20, 2019."

Appealing Sub-heads

Explain why the customer should renew sooner rather than later, or how you’ll help them work more efficiently. “Avoid service interruptions by renewing before the date.”

CTAs that add urgency

Use urgency in your CTA. For example, "Get your 10% discount now" or "Renew Today."

Smart add-ons

Alternatively, you can opt for a subtler approach and use a top bar or side-box instead of changing the main messaging of your page. The beauty of add-ons is they will certainly grab attention, most likely be read and then they can be closed.


The company below sells a design software with monthly and annual subscriptions. Naturally, they put more effort into the upkeep and renewal of these annual contracts. As part of their process, they send personalized emails with renewal offers and leverage Unless to keep the experience consistent and the offer top-of-mind when these accounts land on the website.

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The original homepage of DesignR

See it on your website

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