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Recommend content dynamically to each of your segments

Take into account the behavior and industry of your visitors to keep them engaged for longer.

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Who: An applications, learning, and outsourcing company from the US

Content can play a key role in moving potential leads further down a funnel. Recommending relevant content to visitors can keep them on your site for longer, increasing the chances that they engage with your business. This can also improve the overall user experience, helping build trust and credibility with your audience. More potential for retention!

In the case of this company, content was a great source of lead generation. So it was something they really valued and wanted to improve the experience around. Since they have five different products with audiences that don’t overlap, segmentation was key before they could recommend relevant content pieces to each. For this, they utilized behavior data and firmographic enrichment.

Suggestion side-box dynamic Dynamic content recommendation component

They also requested a custom Unless component where they could recommend two content pieces and thus have two CTAs along with an image that fits each audience. One of the CTAs was for reading further while the other had the goal of signing these visitors up for their newsletter. They created five dynamic versions, one for each product interest. They also created a more generic sixth version to act as a fallback in case there weren’t any signs to detect product interest based on behavior or if the industry of the visitor wasn’t identified.

Suggestion side-box fallback Fallback variation of the content recommendation component

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