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Redirect and inform website visitors after an acquisition

Avoid any potential frustration or friction that users might experience by informing and guiding them.

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Who: An applications, learning, and outsourcing company from the US

When a company is acquired by another, it is very important to communicate the change clearly to customers while letting them know what to expect, what might change, and where to find certain information they might be looking for. Doing so is essential to try and minimize any potential frustration or friction that users might experience.

This business, after having acquired another, wanted to redirect visitors going to the old website, to their own. However, doing this without providing any context or information about why they were redirected and where they are now would simply lead to confusion.

Visual Next Visitor Redirect Notice Overlay informing the visitor about the acquisition and linking to more information

To counteract this, they added overlays from the Unless component library to announce the change along with a link to the press release as well as to direct visitors to the correct portal if they were looking for something specific such as the customer portal or videos.

Visual Next Customer Portal Redirect Notice Overlay guiding the visitor to the right place for the content they are looking for

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