Personalize for medium lead score

Get your leads with a medium lead score further down the funnel.

When do you need this?

Unless provides you with various insights ranging from the overall user experience on your website to the lead scores of your visitors. Now that you have this information, what can you do? How can you provide someone with a medium lead score with a better experience and get them to move further down the funnel? We’ve got a recipe just for you.


Unless helps you determine a visitor’s lead score by measuring their engagement, attention span, and stickiness. We also check whether they have achieved a goal defined by you and if they have been identified with an email address. All you have to do is to create an audience for visitors with a medium lead score and read on for some ideas.

What to personalize?

It’s easy enough to come up with ideas that engage visitors with a low or high lead score, but it’s harder for those who are in the middle. These are visitors that have expressed some level of interest, but maybe not enough. How can you increase your understanding of their needs? Are they in the right target group? What will trigger them to request a sales follow up?

The most valuable thing you can do is turn them from anonymous to identified visitors. This will ensure that you get a better understanding of who they are and what they’re looking for. It will also allow you to keep in touch with them through other channels, like email.

Components can help you achieve this goal

In order to turn these visitors from anonymous to identified, you can use Unless components like pop-ups, side-boxes, bars, and more. This will allow you to highlight some content and draw the visitor’s eye to a specific call to action.

The visitor should have a reason to provide you with their email address. Consider what benefit you can provide to someone at this stage? Making use of gated content such as webinars, guides, and reports is one way to go. Alternatively, you could aim for a more high-level conversion such as booking a demo or signing up for a trial account.


In the example below, you can see how Billable uses a side-box to entice its visitors with a medium lead score to sign-up for an upcoming webinar. Since these visitors have shown some interest but haven’t made a bigger commitment (yet) it is a good idea to use different CTAs, as Billable does. There’s a book a demo button on the homepage and if a visitor doesn’t convert on that, they still might sign-up for a webinar, an easier commit.

control image
The original homepage of Billable

See it on your website

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