Personalize for high lead score

Use personalization to treat your most valuable leads well.

When do you need this?

Do you rely on lead scores to gauge your visitors’ interest in your product or service? Visitors with a high lead score are very valuable and should be dutifully nurtured to get them to convert. This recipe will help you give them the attention they deserve.


How can we define whether someone has a high lead score? At Unless, we do this based on a couple of different attributes. Three of which are calculated by our machine learning algorithm; attention span, engagement, and stickiness.

We then check whether this visitor has been identified, with an email address, since this shows higher levels of interest and whether they have achieved a goal on your website. Keep in mind, it’s possible to weigh your goals so that a newsletter sign-up and a purchase don’t have the same level of importance.

What to personalize?

Visitors with a high lead score have shown considerable interest in your company. So, you should keep them engaged to move them further down the funnel. This can be done by highlighting case studies, webinars, and other content.

Use headlines and subheads to grab their attention

How about surprising high value leads with a tailored headline that speaks to their interest, profile, or past behavior? Let’s say you sell enterprise marketing software and you’ve identified visitors with a high lead score who work in different target industries. Your personalized headline and subhead for visitors in the retail industry can read something like:

  • The #1 Marketing Platform for Retail Leaders

You’re in good company. H&M, Walmart and Zara drive conversions with [Company Name]. It can work for you! Get a demo

Visitors in the business services space, by contrast, could see something like:

  • The #1 Marketing Platform for B2B Companies

You’re in good company. McKinsey and WeWork rely on [Company Name] to engage their customers. It can work for you! Get a demo

If the visitor dropped by your demo page previously but didn’t convert, you can also allude to that in the headline and subhead.

  • We’re glad you’re back!

Find out how we can help you boost conversions in 15 minutes. Book a demo

Personalize content recommendations

If a visitor with a high lead score has previously downloaded a case study from a particular industry or use case, you can also use personalization to highlight related content the next time they visit your site. You can use the headline for this purpose or Unless add-ons, which brings us to the next tip in this recipe.

Apply overlay components to make content or announcements stand out

Overlay components are pop-ups, side-boxes, popovers and bars you can use to highlight a bit of content or draw the visitor’s eye to a specific call to action. In this case, you can use them to highlight special deals or (online) events where your high-value visitor can convert or, at the very least, hear from your team. For instance, you can set up a pop-up to mention that you have a discount available in one of your subscriptions, or you can invite these leads to an upcoming webinar using a bar that displays at the top of your site.


In the example below, you can see how Billable uses headline personalization and overlay components to give special attention to visitors with high lead scores. In this case, they use these to drive leads to request a demo or to watch a quick demo on-demand. Like them, you can test both approaches to see which one works best for your audience.

control image
The original homepage of Billable

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