Personalize for low lead score

Use personalization to entice your visitors with a low lead score.

When do you need this?

Do a significant amount of your visitors have a low lead score? There’s a lot that you can do with personalization to get to know them better and move them down the funnel. Here are some ideas.


How can we define whether someone has a low lead score? We make use of a couple of different attributes. Three of which are calculated by our machine learning algorithm; attention span, engagement, and stickiness.

We then check whether this visitor has been identified and whether they have achieved a goal on your website. For a visitor with a low lead score, chances are these conditions have not been fulfilled, and that gives you something to work towards.

What to personalize?

Powerful headlines

Visitors with a low lead score need further introduction and convincing. You might still have to sell them on your qualities and the value you bring. That’s why you should work on your messaging for visitors in this segment and your headline is the best place to start. Think of a headline that will compel the visitor to learn more about you and how you can help them.

Let’s say you offer revenue management software. Your personalized headline for low score visitors could be: “Next-generation revenue management - Find out why over 10,000 hotels across the world prefer our platform.”

Relevant content recommendations with components

So, you’ve triggered the visitor’s attention with a compelling headline. Now, you want to find out more about them. A visitor with a low lead score is not very likely to be intrigued by an upcoming webinar, so getting them to sign up will be hard. Offering them a demo is also a long shot. Introductory content will probably do better, such as an explainer video. You could also tap into social proof and highlight videos featuring happy customers too.

Unless components can help you shed light on the right content for each visitor segment. These eye-catching components, both inline and overlay, can be used to get visitors with a low lead score to learn more about your product. For instance, you can use a bar to bring their attention to a new case study or testimonial video or display a pop-up with your explainer video.


The original homepage of Billable has a Book a demo CTA which can work well for visitors with a medium or high lead score. However, in the case of visitors with a low lead score, this can be too much of a commitment, meaning it will not convert that well.

This is why Billable has created a personalization for this audience with more introductory content, like a 2-minute video they can watch instead of a 30-minute demo that requires their participation.

control image
The original homepage of Billable

See it on your website

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