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Personalize for middle of the funnel

Use personalization to get your visitors from the consideration stage to the decision stage.

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Since the original headline is a punchy one, Billable has chosen to not change this but adjust the subhead to something with more detail, highlighting its scalability. They are also making use of social proof both by mentioning their +2k customers around the world as well as with the addition of a block with impressive logos.

The book a demo button has also been changed to request a quote which would allow Billable to learn more about this lead and thus also be able to personalize the rest of their journey and communication further.

Billable has also created some firmographic personalizations for when a lead has been identified either with a company name or industry. The example below is for a lead from the travel industry and so the headline has been slightly adjusted and some of the logos have been swapped for companies from the same industry such as Nomad Travel and GuruTrips, to show the relevant expertise of Billable.

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