Personalize for traffic from review websites

Convert your high-quality leads by distinguishing yourself from the competition.

When do you need this?

You’ve listed your product on websites like Capterra and G2. You’re getting great reviews and see that there’s significant traffic coming from them. You also know that these are high-quality leads - you don’t need to convince them that they need a solution, they’re already looking for one. You just need to present yourself as the best option among your competition. Here’s how personalization can tilt the scales in your favor.


With Unless’s audience builder you can set up an audience based on the page referrer. In this case, the referrer would be Capterra, G2, or a similar review website. You could group all review websites into one audience or have separate audiences for each, depending on what makes sense for your individual use case.

What to personalize?

Highlight the number of reviews and your score

Reviews can contribute greatly to your website’s traffic and they are a very good proof point for potential customers. Highlight them so website visitors coming from these sites are reminded of your product’s value. Think of adding a subhead like “Over 100 reviews on Capterra,” “The Highest G2 score for online marketing software,” or “Rated 4.8 out of 5 by G2 users” on your home page.

Use reviews as social proof

Another thing you can do is embed a few reviews to personalize your landing page for visitors who come to your site through these websites. Many of these product discovery websites allow you to embed reviews on your site. You can simply choose to display those reviews for anyone in your audience segment.

Custom CTAs for visitors from these sites

You can go further by personalizing CTAs on your site for visitors referred by review platforms. Keep in mind that a visitor from a review website is likely to prefer a demo over a trial so adjust your CTAs accordingly. For example: “Found us on Capterra? View an exclusive on-demand demo” or “Find out why G2 users love our software! Get in touch.”


The example below is from DesignR and illustrates how you can personalize your homepage for referral traffic coming specifically from review websites. In this case you can see that the headline has been changed to mention Capterra while the CTA buttons have also been adjusted for a visitor who might be further down the funnel. This is why instead of a trial they suggest booking a demo or contacting someone from the team. Another neat addition is the star rating on the right corner which adds a visual element too.

control image
The original homepage of DesignR

See it on your website

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