Personalize pages per referral channel for a consistent journey

Ensure your referred visitors that they've come to the right place.

When do you need this?

Do you work with blogs, podcasters and similar affiliates to attract new customers to your brand’s website? Are specific partners a source of leads for your B2B company? Then this recipe is for you.


You can build audiences using UTM parameters or, even better, using the page referrer attribute - which means you don’t even need UTM parameters to identify the source.

What to personalize?

Landing pages that add to the experience

Use the headline on your landing page to welcome referred visitors. For example, if you work with bloggers or YouTubers to drive traffic to your hardware brand’s website, mention their name on the headline: “Find out why Hardware Unboxed calls our keyboards the best in the industry. Browse models now.” You can even replace images on your landing pages with the logos of each affiliate, or the photo of the influencer referring the traffic.

Special offer pop-ups

Are you running a discount campaign with your affiliates? You can use Unless smart add-ons to display a personalized pop-up to referral traffic. Pop-ups can vary per referral source.

  • Heard about us on Hardware Unboxed? Get 5% off your purchase today.
  • Heard about us on Paul’s Hardware? Get 5% off your purchase today.
  • Creative Boom readers get 15% off on our Starter plan. Sign up today.
  • Swissmiss readers get 15% off on our Starter plan. Sign up today.

Relevant content throughout the buyer’s journey

You can also leverage personalization to push more relevant content after the first engagement. This will keep referred visitors engaged. For example, you can modify bits of text on your key pages to emphasize why a given influencer recommends your product. You can also use smart add-ons for this purpose.


The company below offers a SaaS product for designers. They work with many of the industry’s leading blogs to drive referral traffic to their site. Using Unless, they can customize their landing page per referral source, and they keep recommending relevant content to support the buyer’s journey.

control image
The original homepage of DesignR

See it on your website

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