Use employment role to personalize your value proposition

People with different job titles value different USPs - highlight the right qualities for the right people.

When do you need this?

Does your product’s use case change depending on the customer’s role or function within the company? Are you targeting different visitor profiles or personas? Use personalization to show custom value propositions for each segment.


Email addresses that you collect on your website via demo forms, webinar sign-ups and so on can be enriched within Unless with additional data points including things like employment title, role, seniority. This allows you to create audiences such as leads that have “finance” in their title, recruiters, executives, CTOs and more. Like with most audiences created in Unless, you can choose to go with broad categories or more specific, narrowed-down audiences.

What to personalize?

It’s hard to resist the temptation of listing all of your product’s capabilities or features. The truth is, some people care more about certain aspects of your product than others. Say you’re an analytics software vendor targeting marketers and engineers. The marketing segment may prefer to know how your product helps them get to know their customers better. Engineers, however, may like to hear more about how your product fits into their tech stack and how fast it is to implement.

Headlines that delight

Your headline is the perfect place to focus on a compelling value proposition. Use the name of the segment or a phrase that will draw their interest. Let’s consider some examples. For marketers, you could use “Understand why your customers convert. Find out how to drive engagement” while for engineering teams “The analytics tool that plugs into any tech stack” is likely to attract more interest.

Use the real estate around the headline to dive deeper into the value proposition. You can feature quotes from marketers for the marketing segment, and quotes from engineers for the engineers.

CTAs that convert

Your target customers can also be decision-makers or influencers. Personalized CTAs can be used to appeal to these different segments. For decision-makers, use CTAs like “get started” or “sign up.” For influencers, choose CTAs like “learn more,” “read a case study,” or “see how we compare.”


In the example below, you can see how Billable uses Unless to personalize its value proposition on the home page. They are a billing and revenue management solution meaning a lot of their messaging is around closing deals fast while decreasing friction and churn. They’ve noticed this message works well with finance people and CFOs (the decisionmaker).

However, security and privacy are also very important in their line of work and before getting a new client, they often have to convince the technical team as well. They already know the main concerns of lead developers and CTOs so they have created a homepage personalization where these concerns are addressed before the questions even arise.

control image
The original homepage of Billable

See it on your website

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