Personalized landing page for contacts at target accounts

Engage contacts at your target account directly with personalization.

When do you need this?

More than half the work in an Account-Based Marketing campaign will go into identifying your key contacts at target accounts. You’re probably personalizing your emails or LinkedIn messages for these contacts, but what about your website? Creating a personalized page for every contact might require a lot of work. Instead, you can use Unless to display tailored content dynamically within a single page - it’s as if you are speaking to each person individually.


Having a list of prospects is vital for account based sales. With Unless, you can upload these lists to personalize your outreach further than the first message or email. The list you upload can include first name, last name, email as well as other data points like company size or industry that might be of interest to you. You can also create a personal link for each prospect to use in your outreach. With this link it will be possible to identify your prospect once they click through.

What to personalize?

Individual headlines and subheads

Tailor your headline to a particular person using their name and/or job title. Use the subhead to point out a value proposition that makes your product interesting for them, at a personal level. If your key contact is a salesperson, they want to close more deals. Your headline and subhead can read: “You’ve come to the right place, Anton. Business development managers like you love our CRM. It makes relationship management easy and helps you close deals faster with simple workflows.”

If they are a marketer, their goal is to get more leads in and work seamlessly with sales. Your headline can be: “You’ve come to the right place, Anne. Marketing managers like you love our CRM. It plugs into any marketing automation tool and improves collaboration with sales.”

Testimonials from peers

Personalize the social proof on the page by displaying reviews, quotes, or testimonials from people that have similar roles, and that maybe even work in similar industries. That way, your key contact will know they are in good company.

Personalized CTA

So, you’ve added personalized content throughout your page and “spoken” to your contact by name. Add a compelling CTA to seal the deal. Typically, you’ll want to include the name of your sales rep and invite them to schedule a chat: “Ready to learn more, Anton? Book a demo with Marcel.”


In the example below, you can see how Billable uses personalization in account based marketing. In this case, they have personalized their headline for a contact in one of their target accounts, inserting her name: Claudia. They have also mentioned the name of the account manager that is in touch with her: Lexy. Lastly, a subtle but nice touch is that they highlight quotes from happy customers who in this case happen to be CFOs, just like Claudia.

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The original homepage of Billable

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