Personalized landing pages for target accounts

Impress your target accounts by speaking directly to them.

When do you need this?

Account-based marketing campaigns typically involve a lot of effort. You spend a long time researching the company to make your outreach as tailored as possible. Your prospects may open the email if you surprise them with a good subject line. They may click through (another small victory). But then...crickets. They don’t request a demo or sign up. If the situation sounds all too familiar, read on. Personalized landing pages can help you increase the likelihood of conversion.


You can upload your list of prospects into Unless with first name, last name, email as well as other data points that might be of interest to you such as company size or industry. For each prospect it is possible to generate a personal link to use in your outreach. This link will allow them to be identified once they land on your website.

What to personalize?

Targeted headlines

Personalize your landing page’s headline with the company name to make an impact. In addition to using their (brand) name, make sure to mention why they should consider your product. Think of using pain points that are specific to their industry, or product USPs that will help them in particular.

Let’s say you offer an on-demand shipping platform for retailers and you’re targeting 7-Eleven as a key account. You’re probably reaching out to their supply chain or logistics department. A personalized headline could read: “Stress-free logistics for 7-Eleven. Your team will love our seamless parcel shipping platform. It scales when you need it and just like you, it’s always on. Book a demo.”

Personalized branding/images

Sticking with the 7-Eleven example, you could make use of visuals to create familiarity. This can be done by adding their logo somewhere visible on the page or getting creative with their brand colors and style. You could even change the background image to a photo of one of their stores.

Hyper relevant page content

With Unless, you can personalize the entire page. This means you can display super-targeted content, such as related case studies, testimonials, or white papers. Do you have other convenience stores as your customers? Then display their logos. Do you regularly publish white papers for retailers? Add them to the page either right on-site or with a content suggestion add-on.

Winning CTAs

So, you’ve added hyper-relevant content to your page and personalized it with your target account’s brand name. Add a compelling CTA to seal the deal. Typically, you’ll want to include the name of your sales rep and invite them to schedule a chat: “Ready to make deliveries easier for your team and customers? Book a demo with Marcel.”


In the example below, you can see how Billable uses personalization to incorporate Hotels, inc., one of their target accounts on to the page. The first change of course is adjusting the headline to include the name of the target account. But it is possible to go further by adjusting the rest of the text to make it relevant to their business, and mentioning the name of their account manager from Billable. Another nice change they’ve made is to swap the happy customer quotes to be from companies within the same industry.

control image
The original homepage of Billable

See it on your website

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