Convince target accounts with personalized benefits

Impress target accounts with personal benefits they should see from your offering.

When do you need this?

So you’ve reached out to target accounts and some of them are actively considering your solution. How can you encourage them to move down the funnel? Personalize a page to convince them further and make the case for your solution. Think of this page as something they can also share internally as part of the decision making process.


You can upload a list of your prospects into Unless together with a first name, last name, email as well as other data points that might be of interest such as company size or industry. For each prospect it is also possible to generate a personal link to use in your outreach. This link will allow them to be identified once they land on your website.

What to personalize?

The first thing you’ll need to do is build a page devoted to highlighting your product or service’s benefits. This can be a standard page. Then, you can use Unless to personalize that page per industry or, even better, per account.

Custom headers and subheads

Using Unless, you can inject company names dynamically into your headline. In fact, you can customize any intro content. Let’s say you offer a billing solution and want to convince your mid-funnel prospects in a handful of companies to convert. You can customize the headline with their company name and mention similar companies that are already enjoying your product’s benefits.

If you are reaching out to a travel agency, Staycation, your headline could read: Staycation can get paid 10X faster. Find out how your peers, NomadTravel and GuruTrips save time and improve invoicing. Book a call.” You can go further by customizing the rest of the content in the page for that given company.

Personalize CTAs

You can also add a compelling CTA using personalization. Typically, you’ll want to include the name of your sales rep and invite the prospect to schedule a chat: “Ready to put Staycation’s invoicing on autopilot? Book a demo with Alice.” You can also use the CTA to lead the prospect to relevant case studies or product factsheets: “Find out how GuruTrips saves 20% on admin costs. Download the case study.”

Adjust your social proof

In line with the examples above, if you show quotes from existing customers or highlight certain logos on your website, you can change these up to ones that would be of interest to your target account, for example companies from the same industry.


In the example below you can see a landing page that Billable uses to highlight the benefits of its product. While generic it is handy to have such a page as your starting point. You can then go ahead and make this page more to the point with personalization.

Billable does this by injecting the name of the target account to the headline, intriguing the reader in the subhead and changing the CTA to include a case study they know Staycation will find interesting. They have also adjusted the logos on this page to include NomadTravel and GuruTrips to make it more relevant for Staycation.

control image
Landing page of Billable that highlights benefits of their service

See it on your website

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