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Pull your Clickhelp knowledge base articles into Unless to use as training sources for your AI.

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When training your AI, you can use different data sources. Out of the box, we can ingest your website content, you can upload PDFs, and manually create FAQ entries. Now with our direct Clickhelp integration, it is possible to directly pull knowledge base articles from Clickhelp and use them as training material for your AI.

Key benefits

  • Better data quality: A website import always has some clutter like the navigation, footer, links etc. Using the integration, we only receive the exact content of your article resulting in better quality content.
  • Filtering based on section IDs: The Clickhelp URLs don't contain any information about the section the article is placed within. Therefore, you can't filter certain categories out of your training set. However, using the integration you can set up include and exclude rules to make sure only the most relevant information is imported.

Install instructions

Once at the Integrations tab of your Unless dashboard, you can select “Configure” for the Clickhelp integration. This will open a popup where you can connect your Clickhelp account and set up the integration. Once the integration is active, you'll find a new "Add Clickhelp articles" option in the "Add training source" dropdown in the AI zone.

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