Make personalized recommendations at check-out based on interest

Bring a true retail tradition into the online shopping experience with a personalized twist.

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Who: International drugstore chain from Europe

You know that moment when you are at the cash register at a supermarket with all the items in your cart but then notice some candy staring right at you? Those small items carefully placed right next to the cash register as last-second temptations?

Well this international drugstore chain wanted to bring that retail tradition to their online checkout as well but with a personalized twist. They requested a custom Unless component to execute the idea. They could use this for when they had special campaigns coming up, say recommending Easter chocolate on the lead up to Easter.

Kruidvat-paaseiren2 Inline custom component with a time-specific recommendation as part of a campaign

But they could also use it at any other time with the help of online behavior and connected offline purchase data as inputs for audience segmentation. If a visitor is interested in skincare products, they could get a recommendation to reflect that. If they tend to purchase baby products, they could see an upsell for a product from that category.

1 - Kruidvat-interest-based-experience-kassakoopje Inline custom component with an interest-based recommendation

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Overlay components render on top of your web page and include bars, pop-ups, popovers, side-boxes, and such. Inline components on the other hand are elements that can be placed directly within a page, without breaking the experience.

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Sure! We will pump out more components frequently. If you have any good ideas, feel free to let us know! You can also build your own with our component framework and API, or request custom components.

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