Personalize content to highlight your local presence

Show your local expertise with personalization on content pages.

When do you need this?

In general, companies that operate on a global level can benefit greatly from personalization based on geo-location. Before you jump into location-based personalization, it’s a good idea to take a look at your analytics to see where most of your traffic, or high-value traffic, is coming from. It starts to get fun from thereon.


Once you know which locations are of interest to you, whether that’s the cities in which you have offices or the countries that you get the most website traffic from, you can build your audiences in Unless. Properties like the country or region code, trade region, city, zip code, the visitor’s IP address and currency are available to you for this purpose.

What to personalize?

Localized headlines and subheads

Use the headline to highlight your local expertise. For example, if your law firm has a great reputation in Amsterdam and London and you have a good amount of visitors coming from those cities, you can personalize your headlines and subheads with the city and/or country.

  • Your law partner in Amsterdam

Specialized in Dutch family and business law

  • Your law partner in London

Specialized in UK family and business law

Local Social Proof

Using the country or city name is simple enough. You can get a lot fancier than that. One of our favorite use cases is localized social proof: essentially showing logos and testimonials of companies based in the visitor’s country or region. Is your visitor a legal representative from a company based in Amsterdam? Show them logos of Dutch companies in your customer base. Are they visiting from London instead? Display social proof from the UK.

Personalized CTAs

You can also personalize the CTA by location. Think of “Meet us in London” or “Meet us in Amsterdam” if your company has offices in the visitor’s city.


The law firm below has offices throughout Europe. They specialize in trade law and most of their business comes from Scandinavia and the Benelux. Using Unless, they customize their headline to match the visitor’s region and in the subheadings, they further specify the city. They also add a visual element by changing the background images to match the city of the visitor and the final results can be seen below.

control image
The original website of LegalKraft

See it on your website

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Frequently asked questions

Personalizing for location is very simple. You can either define a location-based audience and personalize en entire page or insert dynamic content using location variables.