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Three personalization use cases for e-commerce

Using the new Unless smart add-ons, here are three use cases for e-commerce - explained by CEO Sander.

Hi, I am Sander, CEO at

Last week, I talked about our new smart add-on collection. Smart add-ons are out-of-the-box elements that add personalized functionality to your website. In short, you can now add personalized bars, overlays and notifications to your website and make them show and disappear based on visitor behaviour.

As we speak, we are testing smart add-ons with our current customers. This already leads to very interesting use cases, for example for e-commerce. There are three of those use cases that I would like to highlight.

Tactic 1: prevent churn with an exit intent popup.

How does this work? All smart add-ons can be shown to specific people only, using audiences. But, on top of that, you can define additional behavioral rules. So, by just adding one smart add-on, you can trigger a personalized message with a discount coupon that pops up when a visitor is about to churn on you: a so called exit intent popup.

Tactic 2: add a CTA bar, welcoming returning visitors.

To show your appreciation to your existing customers, you can make returning visitors feel extra welcome by offering them a specific discount in a Call-To-Action bar, on top or at the bottom of your website.

Tactic 3: help visitors who get lost.

For visitors who scroll to the bottom of a specific page without engaging, it may be useful to offer them a hint on where to go next. You can use the smart add-on that shows a side bar with additional advice whenever they reach the end of your web page.

And yet another announcement

This is all great, right? ... but the best thing is yet to come. Since you watched this video to the end, you may be interested in trying our new, secret product recommendation widget. It does not require any configuration and it will show the best matching products for each visitor.

So, if you run an e-commerce website and you would like to try any of these tactics, come visit us at and sign up.

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