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Smart add-ons are coming

Unless CEO Sander gives a sneak peek of the new smart add-on library that is currently tested by hundreds of customers.

Hi, I am Sander, CEO at Recently, we asked people whether they wanted to help us testing something new.

To be entirely transparent, I wasn't even sure whether this new thing was going to be a success or not. Because it is so simple.

To my surprise, hundreds of our existing customers responded. As we speak, they are testing our latest feature, code-named "smart add-ons".

You know - so far, Unless focused entirely on on-site content personalization. Basically, changing texts and images on your existing website into something that is specifically relevant to a unique visitor. This works great!

But now, we created "smart add-ons" that let you add new elements to your website.
Yep, that's right. Out-of-the-box add-ons, that you can just add to your website. Think of popups, notifications, recommendation widgets, newsletter sign up forms, and so on.

They work exactly the same as any personalization, but simpler. Just choose the add-on that you like and start tweaking the copy and design. By tying the add-ons to audience conditions, you can show them or make them go away. We will automatically track visitor engagement for you.

Cool, right? The first smart add-on that we will release is a simple CTA bar, that you can show on top of your website. Soon, popups, self-segmentation and newsletter sign up will follow.

Interested? Come to and sign up.

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