Helping out with crisis communication

Unless can help your customer service with quick communication on the website, bypassing existing procedures and systems.


Hi, I am Sander from Unless. We normally operate a personalization service for websites, but now we are helping our customers dealing with the current crisis in a different way.

As a result of lockdowns, many of our customers now shift most of their business from offline to online. This puts a lot of stress on their customer service departments. Specific messaging on the website can help reducing the number of support requests.

But many of our customers are stuck with a website, CMS or internal procedures that don't allow to make quick changes to their website. And that's where we can help.

In the last few days, we deployed our service to support businesses with instant changes to content and visual components, in the right situations and at exactly the right moment - relieving the strain on the people who work at customer service departments.

And no, you don't need developers or access to back-end systems to do this. Let me know if you are in the same situation. We can help!

Frequently asked questions

Yes, we work remotely. We do not use any assets that are tied to a certain location, so all of us can work from anywhere. The system is hosted by Amazon Web Services, in fully protected data centers - so that's covered as well.