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Home isolation and remote work at Unless

Find out how Unless deals with remote work due to the Corona virus.


Hi all, This is Sander, CEO at We are a startup from Amsterdam, providing a personalization platform for websites. As most of the people around us, we are in voluntary home isolation due to the virus outbreak.

Our quarantine period started last week. Thursday morning, we sent everybody home with the advise of meeting as few other people as possible: full social distancing.

So, we are currently operating fully remotely. Our company infrastructure is set up in such a way that this was easily achieved. We typically use online services for everything we do and we do not operate any local computers or servers. Typically, we rely heavily on Gitlab, Hubspot, and Google Apps for Business - and of course AWS.

Most importantly, we are cranking up communication to avoid the feeling of isolation. Most of the action takes place on Slack, with occasional Google Hangout meetings. We increased the number of all-hands digital stand-up meetings. We now meet up at least twice a day using Hangouts - with the entire team. Everybody gets to speak, and the format has been extended with a new first question for everybody: "How am I doing?".

There are some changes in our working schedule as well. For example, because his kids cannot go to school, our CTO adapted his working hours, so he can take care of them. Also, if we have to help others during the day, work shifts to evenings and the weekend.

We are learning as we go. I will continue to share our findings through video. In the meantime, we hope that you - and your family and friends - are okay! Let us know if we can help you, or your business. You can reach me at or through DM.

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