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2020: a really surprising year

A new year, bigger ambition: this year, we turned our personalization service into a full-blown, no-code experience optimization platform.


Hi, I am Sander from Unless, and this is our year in review. This year, we turned our personalization service into a full-blown, no-code experience optimization platform. The drop-in service now allows you to update and personalize existing website content, and even add entirely new features - without the help of developers and without impacting your existing infrastructure. Let me tell you how that happened.

The year 2020 started out great. After careful evaluation, we decided to focus on personalization entirely. And all went well. For example, we launched new features that power Account Based Marketing with hyper-personalized landing experiences for your outreach campaigns. Also, we moved to a beautiful new office at the Herengracht (that's the posh part of Amsterdam), together with our friends from Peecho.

Then, in March, Corona hit. Team members got ill and we immediately went into quarantine. Although we were still pretty productive, we feared that the crisis would hit our company badly. However, we found ourselves a new purpose - or rather, our customers did, by applying Unless in unexpected ways.

As a result of lockdowns, many of our customers were shifting most of their business from offline to online. But corporates are often stuck with systems, development partners or internal procedures that don't allow for quick changes to their website. But this crisis required speed, for example to insert COVID-19 notifications. So instead, they started using Unless to create, deploy and AB test all their new ideas - without the need to ask their developers or even agencies for help!

Because of this demand from larger companies, we are now doubling down on our enterprise features. For example, there is a new version of our component library upcoming, with "inline feature blocks". This means that you can now simply extend your website with new features, on any page, in between existing content. Using a point-and-click editor, you can add whole new sections to your web pages, with CTA's, newsletter sign-ups or personalized reviews. Custom blocks are also possible - containing more complex features, like personalized product recommendations. We can do it all.

To provide for such hyper-personalization, you can now use data from your existing business systems using our integrations, like with Hubspot, Salesforce, Marketo, and many more.

And 2021 is going to be awesome. We are now working on unlimited A/B/n variant testing, automated multi-arm bandit testing, and loyalty card synchronization to use offline purchasing history to personalize your website.

Anyway, thanks to our customers, 2020 has been a very productive year after all. We successfully moved from a single-purpose personalization service to a no-code platform for user experience optimization, now catering to much bigger companies than before. So, if you would like to take back control over your customer experience as well, let us know. We will help you improve your website as fast as a start-up can, no matter how big your company is!

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