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A/B test improvements

A/B testing has improved: reach significance faster, and test multiple versions of any experience.


Hi all, This is Sander, CEO at I would like to announce a couple of new features!

UNLESS is a no-code, DIY platform for instant user experience optimization. We help marketers, e-commerce specialists and UX people to take back control over their customer journey. Rather than waiting for your development partner to deploy a new idea, you can just drop our service into your existing website - and from that moment, you can benefit from traffic analysis, audience targeting, instant content management, personalization, drop-in feature components, and... automated A/B testing.

Until now, we automatically validated your ideas and updates against a control group. This control group would see the original website, without experiences from Unless. We measure the difference in conversion uptake for any of your website goals, and when this difference gets significant - boom, you made an improvement and then you can remove the control group.

This already worked pretty well, but now, we are taking it a step further. As of today, rather than using a control group, you can test multiple variations of any personalized experience against each other. So, you can create different versions of a new idea and test which one worked best. Oh, and we are not going to restrain you: we offer an unlimited number of variations in one experiment.

There are some other related features that you may like, and more are coming up. For example, automated multi-arm bandit testing multiple versions of your idea is around the corner. This is a fancy way of saying that automatically, a winning variation will be shown to more and more people, so you won't be loosing any profit because you are testing it against a less successful version. Pretty cool, right?

Anyway... Let us know if we can help you, or your business.

Frequently asked questions

Absolutely. You can run split tests, A/B/n tests, validate continuously with a control group, and set an experience specific "*page goal*" too. The results are shown in your dashboard, in relation to the goals you've set.

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