Personalize to communicate crisis management

Adjust your messaging fast to inform your visitors in time when a problem strikes.

When do you need this?

In times of crisis or when an unexpected event occurs, you have to act fast to adjust the messaging on your website. Think of an outage, a data breach, delivery issues, or a far-reaching event like the Covid-19 pandemic. In such cases, you need to get a message on your website ASAP. Asking developers to help may take too long. Here’s how Unless can help.


Your urgent message might need to be updated for everyone, not just a particular audience. However, crisis management sometimes demands segmentation per city or country. Different places may require different measures and information. In such a case, you can create location-based audiences with Unless.

What to personalize?

Overlay components to the rescue

Overlays components include pop-ups, side-boxes, popovers and bars you can use to highlight important information. Are deliveries delayed because of a massive increase in demand? Add a bar at the top of your site to let customers know. Were you forced to close down stores in a particular city? Inform visitors in that city with a custom bar, so you avoid frustrated customers. Did your SaaS company suffer an outage? Mention that in a pop-up. Has your university shifted to online learning due to an emergency? Offer information in a side box or bar.


Below you can see an example from the LegalKraft website. Due to public health concerns, their offices around the world were either closed or they had reduced office hours. This is why they implemented Unless overlay components to notify all website visitors about the current status in their corresponding cities.

control image
The original homepage of LegalKraft

See it on your website

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