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Introducing the Unless app for Cloudflare

Introducing the Unless app for Cloudflare! Super simple to install - and even works with Rocket Loader enabled. 'Nuff said.

Hi, I am Sander, CEO at

I have a very short video for you today to announce a nice little something that many of you have been asking for.

You probably know Cloudflare, right? It's the huge content delivery network that powers over 12 million websites.

But... Do you know their Cloudflare App market? It’s a vast catalog of Apps that you can insert in your websites with just a few clicks. Think of Google Analytics, YouTube videos, chat widgets, and so on.

Well.. As of today, you can use the brand new Unless Cloudflare app to enable personalized content on your Cloudflare website. It's not only super simple to install, but it will also make sure that the Cloudflare performance tricks will play nicely with your website personalization. If you have any experience with Cloudflare Rocket Loader versus A/B testing tools and such, you will know that this now is a great advantage of using Unless instead.

So... if you run your website on Cloudflare and you would like to offer your visitors a personalized user experience, please come to and sign up. We've got your back!

Frequently asked questions

Yes, Unless works in Cloudflare - even with Rocket Loader enabled! Locate the Unless app in the Cloudflare App Market and make it happen!

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