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The latest trends in personalization

The latest personalization trends explained.

The latest trends in personalization

Video transcript

Hi, I am Sander, CEO at

Today I would like to discuss the trends in the personalization market.

About ten years ago, it all started with A/B testing. Although A/B testing has been very popular, it is generally failing to bring tangible results for everyone but the biggest websites. The main takeaway of ten years of A/B testing: optimal web page versions are different for every person. As a result, A/B testing platforms are moving towards personalization as their next step.

Personalization can come in two flavors. The first one is product personalization. It's quite simple: "people who like this, also like this". Every e-commerce website can do this by now.

So, what's next? It's contextualization. It means that a website shows the same message, but in a very personal way, using examples, words and images that match your background. Why is this useful? It prolongs the attention span of website visitors. For business owners, it simply means higher engagement, a better conversion, and therefore a larger ROI.

For enterprises, this kind of personalization has been available for awhile, but at a very high price point. Why is it so expensive? Traditional providers offer implementations with deep integration and a lot of manual work, including bringing in tons of consultants.

But... With newer, better and cheaper technology available, smaller companies enter the arena and are taking over. Examples are Evergage, Nosto, and of course Unless. Why? The cost of infrastructure has dramatically decreased in the past few years, mainly because of the evolution of cloud computing and serverless technologies. This makes it easier - and cheaper - than ever to build a great platform that’s scalable and fast.

Machine learning can be used for automated segmentation of target audiences. Natural language processing can be used for creating automated personalizations. Then, automated testing based on AI can select the best performing variations automatically.

So, a new era is coming. Personalized websites - and a much better ROI - will be in reach for all of us. Come to and check it out!

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