Increase the attention span of your visitors

  • Increase the attention span of your visitors

Make your website more relevant. Convert more website visitors into customers. Use Unless to personalize your user experience.

Hi, my name is Sander Nagtegaal. I'm CEO at and we offer a very simple personalization service for websites.

The Internet is great. It's great for cats, it's great for memes. But... it's also super inefficient. The attention span of people on the internet is very short. As a result, the average conversion rate of websites sits at about 1.5 percent. That means that from every 100 visitors who come to your website, only 2 will do whatever you want them to do. Those are very bad numbers.

When people converse face-to-face, they do much better! Take for example sales people. Sales people can convert up to 80% of all people they talk to. How do they do that? It's because they adapt their story to their audience. They take into account the background, vocabulary and even the intent of their customers, to make their pitch more relevant. That is how they convert more people into customers.

So, what if your website could do exactly the same? That's where we can help you. Unless is a personalization engine for websites. We let your website dynamically adapt itself to whomever is looking at it, to make your website more relevant.

The result: a much better conversion rate. So, if you want to convert more people into customers, please come to and sign up for free!