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AI assistance for customer success in highly-regulated industries

Seamlessly integrate AI-driven conversational search, ensuring rapid, compliant, and hassle-free customer success.


Hey there!

This is a message for those of you who operate in regulatory-heavy industries like finance or healthcare. If your customer support team is running on overdrive, your dashboard confuses your customers, and your website just has too much information to digest - then I've got some game-changing news for you.

I'm here to tell you how AI could be the solution that your organization needs to tackle a fundamental challenge: ensuring customer success in a heavily-regulated environment.

To be good at Customer Success, it is super important to provide rapid answers to user queries, no matter where or when. Now, imagine being able to throw any question at your knowledge base, 24/7, and get an instant answer. AI can make that a reality.

But, and there's always a but, slapping a thin layer around a Large Language Model won't cut it in the European Union. With its strict rules for transparency, security, data governance, and privacy, your entire delivery chain must be compliant.

And that’s difficult. That’s why many enterprise projects end up stuck in pilots or delayed by costly consultants, leaving organizations like yours in a situation that they can’t win.

But don’t worry. When we spotted this gap in the market, we decided to build feature delivery technology to solve this problem for you.

The result? UNLESS provides a no-code, omnichannel conversational search platform, specifically designed for European enterprises in highly regulated industries. And the best thing: the implementation effort is almost a walk in the park. Your internal teams and your customers will love it.

And what’s in it for you? Well, using UNLESS translates to not just a faster turnaround time for requests but also a significant reduction in the number of customer cases on your plate. So, why wait?

Join us and unleash the power of AI-driven conversational search in your organization!

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