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Why Europe needs an AI delivery platform

CEO Sander explains that compliance, privacy and security are posing major hurdles to AI feature implementation.

The potential of generative AI for businesses is enormous. There are estimates of McKinsey and Bloomberg that say that most of the work that you do today, will be done by an AI within the next ten years. That is mostly due to the ability of AI to understand natural language.

While Large Language Models are now widely available as services from cloud providers Azure and AWS, the supporting ecosystem lacks the maturity that larger organizations need. And although I generally don’t like metaphors: companies do not need engines, they need cars.

Basically, besides the AI models, they need complete feature sets with full GDPR compliance. And let’s not forget about the upcoming EU AI Act. So, especially in the EU, compliance, privacy, and security are now rapidly becoming significant barriers to AI feature implementation.

Sadly, this affects regulatory-heavy industries like finance and healthcare the most - even though they have the most to gain from generative AI. As a result, these organizations now resort to custom development, either in-house or using AI labs - a fancy word for external consultancy. And as we all know: that is expensive and slow.

To make such industries leapfrog into adopting AI at scale, the burden of change needs to be considerably less. Therefore, there is a need for an AI feature delivery platform in Europe, which integrates enterprise features with privacy and compliance, and has a near-instant implementation effort.

UNLESS offers exactly that.

UNLESS offers an end-to-end, fully GDPR compliant, cookieless, no-code platform that facilitates the rapid deployment of production-ready AI components into any existing user interface.

So, if you want to switch to AI the smart way, give us a call.

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