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Google Analytics

Match Unless experience data with your Google Analytics data for more insights.

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You can measure the success of your experiences using the Unless Insights while keeping an eye on the goals you've set and the audiences you are building.

However, if you want to dig deeper or simply prefer using Google Analytics as your single source of truth, this integration is for you. With this integration, you can deep dive into all the KPIs Google Analytics provides (e.g. bounce rate, time-on-page, exit page,...) and get an even better understanding of your Unless experiences with custom reports.

Key benefits

The power of this integration is all about Google Analytics custom reports. Unless insights will tell you which experiences are working (or not) for which goals. They can also tell you which variations of your experiment(s) are more successful. But there are some benefits to joining forces with Google Analytics.

  • It's a seamless integration that is easy to set up at the click of a button.
  • If you want to get more specific, custom reports are a great way to go. You can add dimensions and see the impact of experiences on sessions, transactions, revenue, and more, all in one view.
  • If you have key metrics that are GA-specific, you can check them in relation to your Unless experiences. In addition to which experience(s) worked, you can also see what the visitors did after seeing that experience. What was the impact of that experience on the rest of their journey?
  • We work with your existing setup. You might already be using Google Analytics reports to show your results (and successes) internally. In that case, you can simply add Unless to that same report, rather than having to create a separate one.
  • We've noticed that at big organizations it is helpful (and common practice) to have a single source of truth. Different departments might be using different services. Making sure that all these services send their data to the same source ensures things will run smoothly and all your colleagues will have the same data to work with. If you have a data science team, this will keep them happy.

How does it work?

Once the integration is activated we will automatically start sending events to Google Analytics. We'll send one event for each experience applied to the page, structured as follows:

  • eventCategory: called "Unless - experiences"
  • eventAction: equals the name of your Experience (e.g. "Headline test")
  • eventLabel: equals "Participant" or "Control" or the variantion name if applicable.

Install instructions

Simply navigate to the Integrations tab of your Unless dashboard, select Google Analytics, and toggle the switch to activate it. Unless will immediately start sending data to the Google Analytics account associated with your website. There is no need for additional setup.

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Friendly support from real people

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We are known for our quick responses if you have an issue. Feel free to ask us anything. But you can also ask our conversational AI a question, of course!