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Sync your Cookiebot consent automatically to Unless.

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Cookiebot CMP is a plug and play solution built around a powerful scanning technology that automatically detects and controls all cookies and trackers on your website, ensuring a compliant use of data based on transparency and consent. Our Cookiebot integration allows you to automatically sync the cookie consent with Unless.

You can take a look at our cookies and tracking page to learn about how we deal with cookies and tracking, and to understand which cookie policy to offer to website visitors. Here you can also find more information about cookieless experiences.

How does it work?

Whenever a cookie consent is given by the visitor to Cookiebot, this integration will automatically forward the consent to Unless, ensuring that tracking is set up properly.

Install instructions

Once at the Integrations tab of your Unless dashboard, you can select “Configure” for the Cookiebot integration. This will open up a form, where you can activate the integration.

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Frequently asked questions

[In this article]( "Cookieless experiences"), it is explained how to enable cookie consent and how to turn on cookieless experiences.

As a European service provider, Unless is compliant with the European Union privacy laws, also known as GDPR.

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