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Why Netflix got mad at us CEO Sander Nagtegaal about personalizing your website without the help of a developer.

Why Netflix got mad at us

Video transcript

Hi, it's Sander, CEO at In this weekly video I will show you how to personalize any website without the help of a developer. You know, marketers tend to be very busy - but developers as well. They have a roadmap to finish. Therefore, if you - as a marketer - want to change something on your website, or maybe even insert just a single script in your website, you will typically have to wait a little before developers have time to help you.

So, wouldn't it be great if there was this system where you can apply personalization or changes to your website without asking for this kind of help. I will show you how on this Amazon website.

It's about serverless computing because we love serverless computing. Let me see if I can personalize that website quickly. So, I copy the URL. Then, I go to the Unless wizard, paste in the URL, click Next. I'm gonna skip this next step, because I want to show you quickly and now I will start editing.

Down here in the right lower corner, you see the Unless button in the right lower corner. It's green, so I'm logged in. I can start and now I can write "personalized computing and applications". You could send this to somebody specific who you want to convince of the merits of personalization. So now I can publish this. As you can see the logo is spinning around and the draft is published. Here is my new version. So now, if I click this link I will see the personalized version of my page. This link I can use directly to share it in my campaigns or share it in my emails.

So, now you've seen this example and I will share with you a little anecdote to warn you that you will have to be careful with this stuff. So you know, we tried some websites to test our software on and one of these website was So what did I do?

I went to Netflix, invoked the Unless editor, as you can see from the little button.

I added selected some text and I added some. Why am i showing you this? Because this is what set off the automated systems of Netflix and resulted in our first cease and desist letter from their lawyers. So, don't try this at home people!

So again, please don't do this at home or you may get sued.

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