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Video wrap-up of 2019

CEO Sander wraps up 2019 and looks forward to the next year.

Hi, I am Sander, co-founder at It's almost New year's Eve, so it is time for a recap of the past year!

As you know, Unless is a predictive personalization platform for websites. In the past few years, tested the waters with many smaller customers. In 2019, we began catering to bigger organizations for the first time. We have learned a lot from that.

We used these learnings to improve our product. For example, we launched Visitor Insights. It’s a live view on every single visitor of your website, including audience memberships, goals achieved, and pages viewed. We add firmographic datasets to that. This means that you can make your website respond differently to prospects from different industries, for example.

And the data exchange now works both ways. Visitor data can be exported to many third party services and products, using our Integrations library. We built many ready-to-use connections, ranging from a Google Tag Manager Monitor to Slack.

To help you with the personalization of your website as well, we launched our add-on collection. This is a large set of read-made components, like bars, pop-overs, side-boxes and so on. Some of them have additional features and can be used to capture emails from leads, for example. Of course, all of these can be styled to look exactly like your website.

Add-ons are particularly useful for messaging when you need to respond to the specific behavior of a visitor. For example, when you detect that he or she is losing interest. But how do you do that? For that, we have the real cool stuff!

We developed statistical and Machine Learning algorithms to predict the behavior of anonymous website visitors - ranging from attention span and engagement to stickiness and conversion probability. This opens up many new personalization opportunities. Imagine a visitor who wants to buy, but also is in a hurry - you can now simply show a pop-over to make a quick offer right when this happens.

So, to wrap it all up: you can now finally create individualized experiences that fit the state of mind of your website visitors. Just like you would in a conversation. Our promise to you: in 2020 we will do even better, and get closer to our dream of making websites communicate with you like humans would. I wish you a wonderful year!

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