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Watch this if you run an innovative business

Learn how to decrease the cognitive distance between your website visitors and your business solution.

Watch this if you run an innovative business

Video transcript

Hi, my name is Sander and I am CEO at Unless, a personalization platform for websites.

If you run an innovative online business, I have an important message for you.

On the internet, there is simply too much information to consume. As a result, people have a super short attention span. Especially a problem when things get a little bit complex. What do I mean by "complex"? Well, examples are new ideas, innovations or anything that requires out-of-the-box thinking. Like your business.

Now - if your website visitors don't understand your story at first sight, they will bounce. You will loose them. They will NOT buy your service. They will NOT become customers. Luckily, science has found a solution. By adding a highly personal context to a complex narrative, you can drastically decrease the cognitive distance to the subject. Effectively making the information easier to consume.

So, you should phrase your story using words, pictures, examples and even testimonials that each website visitor knows very well. And he or she will spend more time on your website. Understand your sales pitch. And maybe even buy your product. But every website visitor is different. So how do you adapt your website to each unique visitor?

That's where we come in. Visit and try our personalization service for free.

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