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Unless’ new features bring empathy to websites

Unless helps websites imitate empathy by predicting website visitor behavior with machine learning to highly personalize their experience.

*This article and similar versions of it were recently featured in various local news publications (in Dutch) such as Emerce, FONK and CustomerFirst. We translated the content to English so that it is accesible to our international audience as well.

Unless has launched new features that enable web pages to emulate human empathy. The software predicts how website visitors will behave, allowing organizations to display highly personalized content depending on who’s browsing.

The new feature set predicts the visitor’s attention span, their expected activity and the chance that they will return. Data points considered include scroll speed, skipping (switching between tabs and applications), viewport time (how long a visitor looks at a website) and view percentage (how much of a page is viewed by the visitor). These metrics are then coupled with the visitor’s profile to build a complete pattern that predicts their behavior, serving as a benchmark to forecast how future visitors will behave.

Unless CEO, Sander Nagtegaal, explains: “If you address every visitor in a personal way, their attention span improves significantly. As a result, you get high-quality interactions and a better conversion rate. To do this well, you need to know how each visitor feels. Is the visitor in a hurry? Are they engaged? Do you have their attention? We can answer these questions very accurately using machine learning.”

A unique experience for every visitor

Nagtegaal adds: “When you talk to a good salesperson, you’ll notice they adjust their strategy based on your behavior. Someone who is constantly looking at their watch or smartphone has a low attention span. The sales pitch must then be short and direct. Our tools allow you to use the same kind of logic on your website. If a visitor has a short attention span, you can skip the details and make a compelling offer faster. If their engagement is low, you can show them highly targeted content to trigger them in the right way.”

Used by 7,000 websites and counting

Unless makes personalization accessible and easy to implement. The company’s software is currently used in more than 7,000 websites. The platform’s nifty algorithms have received a good dose of recognition this year. Unless was nominated for the Dutch Computable Awards in the Best Digital & E-commerce Provider category where they came in second place and were also the jury favorite. “We’re continuously launching new features,” says Nagtegaal. “Next up is the ability to predict a visitor’s background, personal characteristics and even mood."

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