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Contextualization matters for your online business

The scientific background of contextualization - and why you should use this to sell your innovative product or service.

Contextualization matters for your online business

Video transcript

Hi, my name is Sander Nagtegaal, CEO at Unless - a personalization platform for websites. And in today's video, I will tell you about contextualization.

Due to a short attention span in combination with an overload of information, often, people don't find what they need on the internet. So, a lot of scientists have tried to find ways to make things better. Those researchers found that contextualization really helps to explain a message better.

Contextualization means that you surround a core message with additional information that makes the message more relevant to the personal situation of each of your viewers. By using a personalized narrative and showing different pictures to each viewer, the viewer will have a longer attention span and understand your message faster.

One particularly interesting detail about what most researchers found is that cognitive style is a very important factor for understanding. So, if the words and images are very well-known to you, you will understand a message better. Cognitive style may be determined by many things, like age, location, background or even education level. Someone who went to university may use different words than somebody who didn't.

Additionally, psychological context and social context are also important. Basically, your state of mind, including your mood, as well as what is happening to you in your life could resonate in a message to make it more clear. For example, if a certain part of your audience is likely to have children, you may use pictures and examples that relate to the perks or traits of having children around for this specific segment.

Finally, the most important thing that scientists found: the more complex the message is to your audience, the more effective it is to add personalized context. So, if you are trying to explain or sell something that is new, or innovative, or simply hard to explain to your preferred audience, you may want to add personalized elements to your website..

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