Unlock your knowledge

What if you could ask any question to your entire knowledge base, and receive an instant answer? Let your team and clients benefit from generative AI, with respect for compliance, privacy and confidentiality.

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Integrate generative AI into your operations

Enlist a virtual expert

Use your combined corporate data to let employees and clients benefit from human-like assistance, for many concurrent use cases, powered by the same AI.

A virtual consultant for your team

Improve the performance of your organization with automation and coaching, by making complex information accessible on human terms.

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Self-service support for your customers

Resolve customer queries with automated responses, in a 24/7 personalized dialogue with an AI that has deep knowledge of your business.

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Contextual help for your users

Enhance your websites or dashboards with integrated handholding, leveraging AI-powered chat, tooltips, alert boxes, and much more.

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Large organizations do not need engines, they need cars

Full product experiences

To solve human problems end-to-end, we deliver whole product experiences. Let's explore one example of our ready-to-go UI components.


More than just amazing technology

Bringing actual value

Generative AI is evolving from technology novelty to actual use cases and real value. As a result, you can improve the efficiency and productivity of your organization to unprecedented levels.

Massive time savings
Reduce look-up, research and planning from weeks to merely hours or minutes, providing an unprecedented efficiency boost.
Better insights
By analyzing a vast amount of internal data, you can uncover patterns and insights that others may have missed.
Higher quality
Create and deliver better content, recommendations, or strategic plans, at a much higher output rate.
Enhanced teamwork
By automating tedious tasks, you and your team can spend more time collaborating and innovating.
Rely on the consistency and quality assurance that comes from your institutional knowledge. Benefit from a single voice.
On demand use
Your AI is always on and ready to help. Available 24/7 and with concurrent support for many users and teams.

An almost trivial implementation effort

Plug and play

Our platform is the simplest way for organizations to integrate generative AI into their operations. Train, configure, deploy, and monitor with ease. All without code.

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Extensible & open source

Component framework

Benefit from a large library of 120+ UI components that act as conversation starters.

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Broad set of features included

End-to-end solutions

We use foundation models as only a piece of an all-inclusive solution, offering everything you need to deploy production-ready features. Here are some examples.

Give your AI a specific personality
Using our AI Persona feature, you can pick the AI personality that fits its context best. Choose for support agent, sales rep, product expert, or a custom persona.
Let the AI understand its audience
With our AI Empathy feature, conversations will be personalized based on CRM data and behavioral aspects using audience segmentation and user profiles.
Avoid data mix-ups
For organizations with different target audiences or departments, AI Segmenting makes sure that mission-critical data sets do not get mixed up.
Interact with business systems
Build advanced interactions with other systems using our AI plugin framework. Let your customers make purchases, book calls, or submit a ticket, by simply asking questions.
Top-notch privacy protection
Built on GDPR and CCPA, our AI Privacy Safeguard technology will make sure that Personally Identifiable Information will never reach the AI models.
Advanced language control model
Teach the AI with documents or websites in any mix of 40+ languages. Conversations take place in the language of your users, without intermediate language switching problems.

When I heard about the conversational UI components of UNLESS, I knew we had to use it at Peecho. Combine that with AI plugins that can help customers decide on and place orders, it’s an absolute game changer for our sales and customer support teams!

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Eric Kickert
CEO, Peecho

Frequently asked questions

UNLESS is a platform that helps organizations integrate generative AI into their operations. It provides you with everything you need to start using generative AI. Models, features, and UI components - we will give you all.

You can think of Unless as a combination of a UI component platform and a semantic search engine, using third-party Large Language Models to deal with questions and answers in human language. As such, the platform operates as an LLM-agnostic, secure layer between any AI and the end user.

Once you've added the UNLESS snippet to your website or dashboard, non-technical staff can manage everything. You can train your AI in just a few minutes and create a component using one of our 120+ templates. Adding it to your product or website is as simple as a point-and-click.

The responses of our AI models depend entirely and only on the sources that your organization uses to train them. So, external bias does not play a role.

Our platform has built-in constraints to prevent personal data leakage. Our AI Privacy Safeguard operates like a switch that stores PII in a protected data storage facility, while feeding the AI model with anonymized labels instead.

Larger organizations need extensive features, security, and privacy measures. Typically, start-ups lack these requirements, while custom projects are slow and expensive. UNLESS provides the AI feature delivery platform that solves these problems.

Turn your user experience into a dialogue

Benefit from AI today

Don't get left behind. Enhance your business with AI features instantly, without worrying about scalability, security, compliance, or privacy risks.