Short term development

In the upcoming months, you may expect the following Unless features to be released.

The following features are on our short term to-do list.


  • Further UX and graphic improvements of the dashboard.
  • Improving the website to convey our message better.

Audience segmentation

  • We would like "goal reached" as a segmentation option.
  • Add offine purchasing history as segmentation option, using loyalty card data as source.


  • A library of inline feature block components, that can be inserted from the editor, point-and-click.
  • Adding the component selection as a part of the editor (so you can decide which component to put in while you are designing, instead of up front).
  • Allow for multiple components in one experience.
  • Allow for mixing of components and inline changes in one experience.


  • Nothing planned, we add integrations based on customer demand.


  • A redesign of the Insights Dashboard, making the different Tab views consistent.
  • Make the Insights queries faster, using smarter data storage.
  • Allow for free time range selection, rather than fixed months.
  • Add graphs that show developments over time.
  • Add the pirate funnel to goals, so you can see the funnel stage improvements.