Short term development

In the upcoming months, you may expect the following Unless features to be released.

The following features are on our short term to-do list.


  • Publish a public roadmap (wait, that's a check).
  • Add a public Cookbook with Personalization Recipes, tied to specific types of Audiences and Goals.
  • Add a Privacy overview page on the website, that can be used as a launchpad to all relevant information regarding GDPR and such.
  • Further UX and graphic improvements of the dashboard.

Audience segmentation

  • The option to add prospect lists to Unless, that may be identified as visitors through several means - allowing for hyper-personalization in account-based sales.
  • Improved firmographic (industry and company) data segmentation.
  • Automatic lead scoring, to recognize the value of individual visitors and leads.


  • A redesigned personalization editor.


  • An improved version of our Google Tag Manager Monitor, allowing you to add GTM events to Unless and seamlessly use them for audience segmentation.


  • A redesign of the Insights Dashboard, highlighting behavorial predictions (like attention span, engagement, stickiness and lead score) in a graphical way.