Long term roadmap

In the long term, we aim to improve the communication on the internet, by making websites respond like humans would.

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Our long term roadmap looks like this. It starts in the past.


  • Build scalable infrastructure for service and data.
  • Create the first version of the inline personalization editor.
  • Soft-launch early version of the product. Not so great, to be honest.
  • Acquire large number of early adopters to validate initial service.
  • Work with them to improve the product.


  • Improved audience segmentation with more segmentation options
  • Allow for individual visitor profiles and associated data points
  • Allow for visitor identification through the Identify API
  • First experiments with behavioral predictions
  • Launch of the Add-on library of ready-made components
  • Activate as many of the early adopters as possible to show product-market fit


  • Launch of the Integration library of standardized connections to third party systems
  • Released integrations with Clearbit, Kickfire, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Wordpress, Cloudflare, Slack
  • Successful tests with conversion prediction algorithms
  • Launch of behavioral predictions: attention span, engagement and stickiness scores
  • Start catering to much bigger customers


  • Improve onboarding and handholding in the dashboard and UX in general
  • Focus on hyper-personalization for the purpose of account-based sales
  • Add popular CRM integrations (Salesforce, Hubspot, etcetera).
  • Add reverse syncing for third-party systems, so we can add value to for example CRM systems with our prediction labels (like: this person is a hot lead, go call him)
  • Improve multi-variate testing capabilities


  • Cater to larger companies by adding quality control options, better security and privacy regulation compliance.
  • Launch inline components as a strong USP - allowing you to drag and drop entire feature sets in your website.
  • Add integrations for omnichannel orchestration.
  • Add offline purchasing history as segmentation option.
  • Improve the Insights, by speeding it up drastically.
  • Increase the amount of management reporting options.


  • Launch open-source component library
  • Allow for building your own components
  • Create a component marketplace
  • Refine funnel analysis
  • Launch automated multi-arm bandit testing
  • Launch APIs for mobile platforms


  • Build out suggested audiences to full automation
  • Launch proof of concept for suggested content snippets
  • Launch proof of concept for suggested components
  • Tie multi-arm bandit testing to suggested items
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Friendly support from real people

We’re here to help

We are known for our quick responses if you have an issue. Feel free to ask us anything. But you can also ask our conversational AI a question, of course!