Installing Unless with Google Tag Manager (GTM)

How to install the Unless script using Google Tag Manager (GTM).

If you are using Google Tag Manager to manage your marketing tags, you can use the GTM Installer template to install Unless in your website. Without any code access, our GTM Installer simply connects your website to the underlying Unless platform.


Take note: you can only use the GTM Installer if you are in the Starter Plan or if you are exclusively using smart add-ons in one of the more expensive plans. Installing the snippet with GTM cannot be used for inline personalizations, since the nature of GTM may cause flashes on unrendered content.

Install instructions

First, you have to download the template here. Once downloaded you have to import the template into your GTM account.

  • Go to GTM Workspace and navigate to Templates.
  • Create a new Tag Template and immediately navigate to the top right options button (the one with three vertical dots) and choose Import.
  • Upload the template file you've downloaded earlier.
  • Save the script and exit the Template Editor.
  • Go to Tags and create a new Tag. From the Choose Tag Type list choose Custom > Unless Installer.
  • Enter the Unless account ID.
  • Save the new custom tag and choose All Pages as the trigger for this Tag.
  • Publish a new version of your GTM workspace.

After at least one person has visited your website (it could be you), our dashboard will tell you that the script is installed.

For the advanced people: to verify if it worked, you can also use the browser console. Go to your website, open the developer tools by clicking right-mouse and "inspect" - and you should see "Loading v5.x.x" being printed in the console tab...