Integrating Unless with Shopify

Here are the required steps to get started with our Shopify integration

Shopify is an ecommerce platform that offers you to create a website and use their shopping cart solution to sell, ship and manage your products. If you already have a Shopify website, you can simply use our Shopify app to install Unless on your website.

Using our integration with Shopify you can segment your visitors based on data from your website. For example you can:

  • Create an audience for visitors that visited a specific product category
  • Create an audience for visitors that added something to the shopping cart
  • Create a goal when visitors have purchased a product and many more...

How to set this up?

Set up is fairly straightforward, simply follow the steps below.

  • Go to the Shopify integration in our dashboard and click on the ‘Add to Shopify’ button in the Connect tab.
  • You will be redirected to the Shopify app store where you can install our app.
  • After clicking on the Install button you have to accept our requested permissions.
  • Once you accept the permissions you will be redirected back to the Unless dashboard and the integration will show as connected.
  • To set the integration live, simply click on the activate button in the top right corner of the integration popup.


Uninstalling the app

Important: When you to uninstall the app, use the ‘Disconnect from Shopify’ button from our dashboard. This will completely uninstall the app from your store and remove our script and installed events from your Shopify store.

If you use the uninstall button from the Apps section in your store itself instead of the Uninstall button in our dashboard, it will uninstall the app from your store but won’t do any cleanup (this means our script will still be on your website).

If you uninstalled from your shop accidentally and you want to remove the script and installed events as well, you have to reinstall the app and then use the uninstall method provided by the Unless dashboard.