Sending events from Google Tag Manager (GTM) to Unless

How to pass on website events to Unless, using Google Tag Manager (GTM) and the Unless GTM Monitor.

If you are using Google Tag Manager to create and manage custom marketing tags, you can use the GTM Monitor template to capture trigger events.

By default, the Unless Monitor will automatically export the name of its trigger event to the Unless platform, so you can use it for audience segmentation and goal tracking. Optionally, you can send associated monetary values or email addresses as well.

Monetary values

If you have a variable to keep the monetary value of an event (like the value of a shopping cart), you can add it to the tag. Unless will then capture the monetary value for each event. Monetary values will be used to calculate the effect of your personalization effort in terms of money. It may also be used for lead scoring, and to predict which visitors will be most valuable to you.

Email address

If you have a variable that contains the email address of a visitor, you can explicitly tell the tag as well. If you send an email address, it will identify the current user in Unless. Identified users can be enriched with external data, found by email address or exported to your other services.

Installation instructions

First, you have to download the template here. Once downloaded you have to import the template into your GTM account.

  • Go to GTM Workspace and navigate to Templates.
  • Create a new Tag Template and immediately navigate to the top right options button (the one with three vertical dots) and choose Import.
  • Upload the template file you've downloaded earlier.
  • Save the script and exit the Template Editor.
  • Go to Tags and create a new Tag. From the Choose Tag Type list choose Custom > Unless Monitor.
  • Save the new custom tag and add a custom trigger for this Tag.
  • Optionally, if you have a variable that contains a monetary value, you can pass it to Unless as well.
  • You can do the same for an email address.
  • Publish a new version of your GTM workspace.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can with our GTM Installer - but only if you exclusively use smart add-ons and stay away from inline personalizations.