Use Case: Dynamic Content Insertion

To better match users' expectations, Dynamic Content Insertion helps you add keywords to page content. Let's look at a real-life example.

The visitors of your website are a diverse group of people. When it comes to content, a one-size-fits-all approach will rarely do the trick. However, the targeted use of keywords (or nuggets of information) can tremendously improve your page's relevance and make your users feel like they've come to the right place.

Use Case

Here's a real life example from our customer "Peecho". As you can see, they have a broad product portfolio:

peecho products pricing

Peecho acquires a lot of customers through Google AdWords and they advertise for hundreds of long-tail keywords (e.g. magazine, fashion magazine, photography magazine, fashion photography magazine,...). Manually creating landing pages for each keyword would be a herculean task, so instead, they created one landing page per product category and added a dynamic placeholder.

Here's a screenshot of Peecho's landing page for the product category "Magazines". First, they inserted the dynamic placeholder "Print your {{parameters.utm_term}} on demand", then they linked it with their AdWords campaign.

peecho utm

In this case, the keyword "Magazine" was dynamically added to the landing page.


The advantage of Dynamic Content Insertion is that people immediately feel like they've found what they were looking for. To stick with our example from Peecho, most of the content on the landing page "Magazine" is generic, but adding the search query of the user (e.g. magazine, fashion magazine, photography magazine,...) as a keyword, increased the conversion rate by 25-35%.

Where should I add Dynamic Content?

Each use case is different but from our experience dynamically changing the following elements brings the best results.

  • Headline & Value Proposition
  • First Paragraphs
  • Call-to-Action

How Dynamic Content Insertion can improve performance

  • Increased Relevance → higher Conversion Rate
  • Lower Cost-per-Click → improved ROI
  • Higher Content Quality → better Click-Through-Rate

To summarize

Using the same landing page, Dynamic Content Insertion can help you quickly create an infinite number of page variations to perfectly meet your users' expectations and search intent.