How to set up a campaign

Learn how to target individual prospects and display unique content to them with Campaigns.

Once you've connected your Contacts to Unless, it's time to set-up your first campaign and turn your one-size-fits-all pages into personalized landing pages for account-based marketing. You can head over to the Campaigns tab of your Unless dashboard and select "Create campaign".


Campaign settings

This will open up the Campaign settings tab where you can give your campaign a name, select the audience you would like to target and the page you want them to land on. You can also schedule these campaigns to start and end on certain dates and times. Once this is ready, you can first "click" save and then "edit landing page". 2-Campaigns-details

Editing your campaign

This will take you to the Unless editor where you can make changes to the landing page you selected to make it fit your campaign and be relevant for each contact you will be reaching out to.

The example below shows the insertion of a "placeholder". In the beginning your account will only have two placeholders available: city and country. However you can add more placeholders (aka custom traits) via additional columns when importing contacts or using the Unless API.

In this example, we opted for the first option as it is quick and simple. One of the columns in our CSV import was company name so we attached this to the headline. For times when the company name may not be known or shown we also added the fallback "websites".

Once you made all the changes you'd like to your landing page, you can save (and publish) and go back to the Leads tab.


Contact details

Once at the Leads tab, just like in the Contacts tab, you can auto-clean your contacts to remove clutter such as https, inc, ltd etc. You can edit existing contacts and add new ones. When clicking on the icon with the three dots to the left of each contact, you will see two options: to preview as contact and to copy the personal link of a contact.

When you want to test what a contact will see, it is very important that you use the Preview option and not their personal link. Using the link will lead to you getting identified as that contact and will mess up your data. Using the preview option on the other hand will allow you to check that everything is set-up and working as you would like it to be before sending out a campaign.


Below you can see an example of how Sarah Smitt from Smitt Travel would see the Unless homepage after clicking on a link we sent via our email or Linkedin outreach campaigns.


This is just a simple example of what can be done with the Campaigns feature. We highly recommend that you check out our Cookbook for more ideas.

Export leads

Once your campaign is set-up within Unless, you can head over to the Export tab. The CSV file will be updated with any changes you made or enrichments we added.


The file will also contain an extra column named 'personal campaign link'. You can insert this personal link in your account based marketing campaigns, whether it be via email, LinkedIn or another alternative. For example:{{identifier}}. This will allow you to identify leads and customers when they land on a page, following an email you sent.